BOYS WILL BE BOYS | Alexandrena Parker

This current photographic series called 'Boys Will Be Boys' captures boyhood both as it stands today and also historically. Alexandrena chose to photograph this series using 120 medium format and 35mm format black and white film to give the images a timeless aesthetic. The shoot was styled using a variety of organic, recycled and innovative brands. Enjoy!

Kai is wearing a   Munster  tee,   Munster   jeans and h  is own bracelets  Harley wears:   Munster tee     Nico Nico pants   Worthy Skateboard 

Kai is wearing a Munster tee, Munster jeans and his own bracelets Harley wears:  Munster tee   Nico Nico pants Worthy Skateboard 

Harley wears:  Munster tee     Nico Nico pants   His own shoes  Vans backpack    Kai wears:  Munster tee and Jeans     Converse hi tops  His own bracelets  Kody wears:  Zuitton shirt  and shorts   Converse low   Stylist’s own bandana (worn on leg)  Joe wears:  Zuitton tee    Nico Nico jumper  (worn around waist)   Munster shorts    Converse hi tops     Worthy Skateboard   

Harley wears: Munster tee   Nico Nico pants  His own shoes Vans backpack 

Kai wears: Munster tee and Jeans   Converse hi tops His own bracelets

Kody wears: Zuitton shirt  and shorts Converse low  Stylist’s own bandana (worn on leg)

Joe wears: Zuitton tee  Nico Nico jumper (worn around waist)  Munster shorts  Converse hi tops   Worthy Skateboard  

Kody wears:  Munster tee     Vans sunglasses  

Kody wears: Munster tee   Vans sunglasses 

Kai wears:  DKNY jacket POA    Munster Jeans  Stylist’s own tee  Worthy Skateboard    Kai’s own bracelets

Kai wears: DKNY jacket POA  Munster Jeans Stylist’s own tee Worthy Skateboard Kai’s own bracelets

Skate Boards that are featured throughout are eco-salvaged, recycled timber made by an amazing Australian company called Worthy Skateboards Clothing by Nico Nico are made domestically in USA from organic cotton. Clothing by Munster Kids have set up an initiative to support kids in orphanages in Vietnam and Cambodia donating proceeds made from the T-shirts sold. 

Photographer: Alexandrena Parker 

Stylist: Rebecca Vitartas 

Hair Stylist: Victoria Anderson 

Models: Kye, Harvey, Joe and Kody 

Assistant: Henri Fanti 

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