Ace & Jig | Spring 2018


Ace & Jig is a textile love story-working one on one with weavers, every collection is carefully crafted with custom yarn-dyed woven fabrics tied together by a singular thread: the stripe.

They believe in fashion immediacy since seeing a real change in the industry towards preselling and prebuying goods, right off the runway. They noticed both as a brand and as shoppers/collectors themselves that this actually made it harder to find your favorite piece and to get your perfect size. In reaction to this, one year ago they decided to discontinue the advance preselling of our clothing, and to focus on what's now instead of what's next.

We love that Ace & Jig is such a big believer in community.  Since starting their brand in 2013, they've been so lucky to have an amazing online community of supportive and encouraging women who follow along with their story and process. These women inspire Ace & Jig and each other.

Because of this community spirit, a healthy swap and resale culture emerged, where #aceandjigfriends around the globe can give second lives to their treasured Ace & Jig pieces, instead of creating waste by throwing something out just because they no longer wear it.

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