A Beach Story | Erica Allen

Swimsuit by    noe & zoe   , towel by    The Ruby Mint

Swimsuit by noe & zoe, towel by The Ruby Mint


Photographer, Erica Allen has put together this brilliant Summer style spread for us to share with our readers. We love the Noe & Zoe, Mayoral, and Ace & Jig pieces. These stunning images are making us want to hit the beach with our own kiddos. Simply gorgeous! Have a look for yourself:

Mayoral    suspenders

Mayoral suspenders

Mayoral    jean and suspenders

Mayoral jean and suspenders

Knit Tank by    Tru Luv   , Rose Flora Tutu by    Vierra Rose

Knit Tank by Tru Luv, Rose Flora Tutu by Vierra Rose

Map Shorts and Belt by    Mayoral

Map Shorts and Belt by Mayoral

Ace & Jig    Coverlet dress with a    noe & zoe    headband as a belt

Ace & Jig Coverlet dress with a noe & zoe headband as a belt

Ace & Jig   pant,   noe & zoe   chambray dress

Ace & Jig pant, noe & zoe chambray dress

Open Knit Sweater by    Rose Pistol   , Fedora by    Milk & Soda ,  Skirt   noe & zoe

Open Knit Sweater by Rose Pistol, Fedora by Milk & SodaSkirt noe & zoe

Linen Crown by  Oh Baby! ,Ribbon Knit Sweater by  Splendid , Plato Harem Pant by  Lennon + Wolfe

Linen Crown by Oh Baby!,Ribbon Knit Sweater by Splendid, Plato Harem Pant by Lennon + Wolfe

Chambray Palm Romper by    Appaman

Chambray Palm Romper by Appaman

kaftan,    noe & zoe

kaftan, noe & zoe

swimsuits,   noe & zoe

swimsuits, noe & zoe

girls jacket,   noe & zoe

girls jacket, noe & zoe


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Styling| Molly Velte