Whirlwind Bags: Ready for Adventure | @TheMasalins


Whirlwind is a brand dedicated to parents who enjoy everyday adventuring with family. Their bags are simplified yet elevated and made with high-quality materials. With a mindful approach to style yet not over-designed, they are meant to go beyond the “diaper stage” and adapt to a family's needs. Whirlwind strives to elevate the online shopping experience by presenting and celebrating a lifestyle of like-minded parents who believe in a streamlined approach in organization yet are unwilling to yield freedom, but the opposite — to find a renewed sense of adventure with a family growing with children never slowing down.

As a new business, Whirlwind is finding their legs in a place they feel comfortable and proud. They have partnered with carefully selected overseas manufacturing, making sure their factories adhere to ethical workplace standards. They are committed to growing as a business mindful of their impact on the communities around us.

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All photos courtesy of Bruna Masalin

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