Kindhood: Poncho towels for the littles | @JenniKhoury

When we discovered Kindhood, we were so impressed by the quality and design that we knew we had to share this amazing collection with our readers. The folks behind Kindhood's poncho towels are water people—beaches, lakes, rivers, or pools—their best memories always involve playing in the water. The only problem came when it was time to get out: their kids would want to get dry and warm as quickly as possible to get back to playing.  They would wrap them up tightly in towels only to watch them sit there stuck—unable to play, eat, or move. This is not how kids were designed, and this is where Kindhood was born. Made from a unique cotton/bamboo blend, our ponchos are engineered to be ultra-soft and comfortable, yet flexible and quick-drying.  Whether your kids are building sand castles, collecting shells, running around, or just sitting and eating—these adorable ponchos will keep them warm and protected. Kindhoods are not just a beach cover up but a super soft towel that works great for beach or bath and everything in between! Shop them here and get 15% off through this Sunday August 20th with code MINISTYLE15. 

All photos courtesy of Jenny Khoury